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Faculty Members

Dr. M. Abdul Qadir

Professor [Analytical Chemistry] M.Sc. (Punjab), Ph.D. (Punjab)

Dr. Farah Kanwal

Professor [Physical Chemistry] M.Sc. (Punjab), Ph.D. (Glasgow, U.K.)

Dr. Ejaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor [Organic Chemistry] M.Sc. (IUB) Ph.D. (Karachi), Post Doc. (Karachi)

Dr. Ahsan Sharif

Assistant Professor [Organic Chemistry] M.Sc. (QAU), Ph.D. (HEJ)

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Latest Updates

Last Year closing merits:

Session 2018-2022

BS Chemistry 4 year Program 91.40%


Morning Class Session 2018

PU Grd. M.Sc. Chemistry (Morning) 79.46%

All Grd. M.Sc. Chemistry (Morning) 80.68%


Self-supporting program

Session 2018

M.Sc. Chemistry (Evening) 67.39%

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Specialization Disciplines

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir

Director Message;

Institute of Chemistry was the first science department established in 1923 by University of the Punjab, which is itself one of the oldest seats of learning in South Asia. In the second quarter of the twentieth century the scholars from the Institute pioneered and made gigantic leaps by contributing to in various branches of Chemistry and research had always been a distinct feather of the Institute.
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About Us

Why We Are Better

Chemistry Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better.

Why are we better? Because we care about you.

Quality Science Labs‘ Chemistry Kits offer innovative, hands-on labs that enhance the chemistry learning experience.

Our Chemistry Labs are fully equipped to support hands-on and Lab research, with a primary focus on developing improved diagnostic tools

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