Director Message

Institute of Chemistry was the first science department established in 1923 by University of the Punjab, which is itself one of the oldest seats of learning in South Asia. In the second quarter of the twentieth century the scholars from the Institute pioneered and made gigantic leaps by contributing to in various branches of Chemistry and research had always been a distinct feather of the Institute. During that era the Institute was internationally known due to the research work produced in its laboratories. Before partition, great names in Chemistry including some Nobel laureates has worked here. The graduates of the Institute supported industry and also helped in establishing Chemistry Departments in various new universities and R&D organizations of the newly born country. Then for some period the winds were not in our favour and we could not move with the pace of the modern world and felt isolated.

However, for the past five years we have determined again to turn the wheels and arrest further degradation of our potentials. We are trying our level best to regain our lost glory and take the Institute back to the heights of teaching and research for which it used to be famous in the science world. We are doing a lot these days to make the Institute an ideal seat of learning and practicing Chemistry in the country. In the last five years we could manage well equipped labs, spacious class rooms, modern instrumentation, audio visual aids, experienced and highly qualified faculty, air-conditioned library, internet connected computers, and excellent research facilities including fine chemicals, apparatus and equipment in the Institute. As a result the Institute of Chemistry is at the top in producing quality research papers comparing to any other department in the university. We are lucky that the present Vice-Chancellor is highly interested to uplift the level of teaching and research in the university and all the developments in the Institute of Chemistry could only become possible due to his keen interest and continuous encouragement. Our mission is to produce highly skilled manpower in all disciplines of Chemistry to fulfill ever increase requirements of industry and academia in the country and steering the research towards utilizing indigenous resources so as to minimize the foreign dependence in industrial and agricultural sectors. Let us join hands and carry this noble mission forward under the banner of Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore. I have faith in the new generation and with the blessing of Almighty Allah we shall reach the zenith of fulfillment and achievement of our goal. May Allah be with all of us. (Ameen).